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Services for Insurers

Rehabilitation Services for Insurers

Cost-Effective Rehabilitation Services

Collaboration - For Reliable Results

When clients are recovering from an illness, injured on the job, or in an automobile accident, our team will work collaboratively to help your client recover as quickly as possible. To fully support their recovery process, North Stream Rehabilitation Centre offers a range of services suitable for workers with acute or chronic injuries, chronic pain, psychosocial and mental health issues, or other medical conditions. We document a range of measures and provide a clear, objective report to track engagement and progress as the client moves toward their recovery. Our rehabilitation facility in Atikokan, ON is fully equipped to provide exceptional services and rehabilitation programs.

Occupational Therapy

A Complete Rehabilitation Program

At the appropriate time, our team of vocational and return-to-work specialists will become involved to ensure the rehabilitation goal is accurate, barriers to returning to work or life are managed, and the client has the best chance of returning to work safely at the earliest opportunity. These programs are based on the philosophy that many injured workers can safely perform alternative work during the process of recovery. Returning to work is seen as part of the therapy.

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Services for Insurers:

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